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The Smart Payment Ecosystem

Real-Time & Personalized

Create a memorable experience for your customers, with personalized customer insight the moment they walk through your door.

Intelligent Advertising

Know how effective your advertising efforts are in generating revenue & creating customers

intelligent advertising
to grow your business

Increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising efforts by understanding what truly makes an impact on your bottom line.

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Smart Customer Interactions

Personalized experience

Create a truly personalized experience for all your customers, whether it's their first time at your establishment or their 100th. See their recent purchase history at your business, marketing that successfully impacted them, and their lifetime value as customer.

Secure & Seamless Transactions

Mobile Transactions

Enter the Smart Payment Economy without any additional hardware. No more unpaid tabs or left-behind cards. Send customers their bill directly and securely to their mobile device.

Simple 3rd Party Integrations

Flexible & Customizable

Easily integrates with your preferred social media to reach customers, imports inventory from your POS, and syncs taxes & sales with your accounting software.

The Pockeyt Ecosystem

Get the information you need to truly understand & improve your marketing efforts.

Customer Recruitment

Pinpoint the most effective method to target potential customers & generate interest.

Customer Conversion

Get the data to turn potential customers into real customers & revenue.

Customer Retainment

Gain insight into the most efficient way to keep your customers coming back.

Understanding Recruitment

Learn what ads generate the most interactions, shares, & bookmarks.

Understanding Conversion

Track how effective your ads are at bringing in real revenue.

Understanding Retainment

Discover what ads & incentives keep customers coming back.

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Brand Awareness

Increase your brand awareness on a platform built for businesses.

Brand Engagement

Keep your customers updated with your latest offerings & events.

Brand Loyalty

Personalize each customer's experience through their purchase history & engagement with your ads.

Engagement Attribution

Know how effective each ad is by tracking potential customer interactions with the ad.

Purchase Attribution

Track each purchase by customer & whether that purchase was influenced by your ads.

Value Attribution

Measure each ads effectiveness by the additional revenue that it brings in.

Mobile Pay Feature

Allow customers to pay directly from the mobile phone, saving you time & money.

Integrations Feature

Integrates with top Accounting software, Point of Sale systems, & Social Media sites.

Loyalty Features

Create your own loyalty program or redeemable in-store deals on the Pockeyt app.

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Pockeyt Dashboard

Your Customer Interface
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Pockeyt App Ads

Customer View
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Pockeyt App Payments

How Customers Pay
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